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Veganic India is a unique site that is crafted for complete guidance for health and wellness. Veganic India started with a simple idea, that at some point of time we all need advice and look out related to health queries.

So, here we are to help you out!
We at Veganic India provide you with tips, ideas, and knowledge with extensive research and find.

These ideas will surely help you out making your life better.


What is VeganicIndia?

VeganicIndia is your one platform destination to satiate your brain cells as well as your heart with an array of unheard stories in Entertainment, Lifestyle, Food Factory, Fashion, Beauty and not to forget the social responsibility via Social Spotlight.

Join us in the digital revolution called VeganicIndia!

What does VeganicIndia mean?

Health Upshot means “Outcome of well research topic under health segment” where “we attempt to serve you with best updates and unheard stories around the globe in style.

Stay tuned!

I want to be a part of VeganicIndia. How do I proceed?

It will be our pleasure if you wish to join us. Do write to us at veganindia18@gmail.com about your interest and share your profile with us. We will work out the best possible way for you.

Can I contribute an article to VeganicIndia?

Of course! You are most welcome to send your suggestion for articles or you can even write an article. Email us at veganindia18@gmail.com

, we will surely check it out, make changes if needed and will publish it in your name.

I would like to apply for a position at VeganicIndia?

We are a growing blog and are constantly looking for talented and exciting people. Do write to us at veganindia18@gmail.com

. Share your CV and previous work experience with us; we will get back to you at our earliest.

Where do I find VeganicIndia on social media?

You can get hold on us:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/VeganicIndia/

Twitter – @Veganicindia

Instagram – @VeganicIndia

Why should I share and like your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+?

We are a growing team and every time you post or share, we come to know about your interest, and it will surely help us make our content more and more interesting. Your appreciation and love will keep us motivated.

How do I advertise on VeganicIndia?

Get in touch with us at veganindia18@gmail.com. We will get back to you so that we can share our views and make your ideas big.

I’d like to give away freebies to VeganicIndia readers. To whom do I speak to?

You can contact Shweta Chitrode, and can get in touch with her at veganindia18@gmail.com

I would like you to review my products/services/food on Healthupshot…

Sure! We want to do a review article on your product. The only glitch is that we will be very genuine in reviewing your product. If that works for you we are in for a review. Email us at veganindia18@gmail.com

What should I do if I don’t like your post? Can you take it down?

We are always happy to get feedbacks, suggestion and any comments, be it good or bad. Kindly write to us at veganindia18@gmail.com and send the link of that article; we will review and either edit it or remove it if necessary after understanding your point of view.

If I need any ideas, advice from your Style Gang, how should I get in touch with them?

Our main aim is to help out people to get the correct style and moreover a lifestyle. We would love to help you out. Send your queries to veganindia18@gmail.com and the perfect council member for your dilemma will answer your queries.

Why do you send me away to other sites to buy products?

We are on our way of building a lifestyle shopping network, where we review products and recommend them to you. For easy and genuine search, we link you to those products for purchase. “Special note: We do not promote any products which are harmful in any ways or offensive”


Join the VeganicIndia Editorial Team

If you have a creative box in your super-duper creative side of the brain, know to play with English with excellent grammar and punctuations, you can write to us about your interest, we will review your CV and get in touch with you. Note that we are keen with the type of articles; they should be interesting, humorous, useful and trending.


Apart from creating interesting and trendy content, we are looking forward to creating innovative posts, conduct fun contests etc.

Besides conventional ad banners, we are eagerly looking forward to innovating and do something exciting for your brand.

If you wish to partner with us, please write to us at veganindia18@gmail.com. We will be prompt to reply!

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