Did You Know About These 16 Amazing Health Benefits Of Almond Milk?

The main source of calcium in our diet is milk and dairy products. Being a vegan you need a natural, plant-based and healthy substitute for cow’s milk.Almond milk comes to your rescue with its many health benefits and easy availability in the market. It is relatively easy to make at home too. Almond milk is proven to have some extra nutrients as compared to the dairy milk.


All these nutrients are responsible for the amazing health and beauty benefits like building stronger bones and muscles, supporting weight loss, improved vision, maintaining healthy heart conditions, ensuring proper kidney functionality and giving radiant flawless skin.

This is the reason why almond milk is a recommended substitute for those on a plant-based diet or allergic to dairy products (lactose intolerance).

Health Benefits Of Almond Milk

With the abundance of nutrients present in almond milk, it surely benefits us in many ways. It’s a great healthy option to include in your vegan diet or otherwise.

Let’s take a look at some almond milk benefits below.

1. Highly Nutritious

Almond milk might not be the powerhouse of macronutrients similar to the cow’s milk but the fortified-products available in the market come quite close. Almond milk nutrition facts suggest that it is naturally rich in vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, vitamin B6, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin E, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and zinc.

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2. Helps In Weight Management

One cup of almond milk calories equals 60 calories as opposed to 146 calories of whole dairy milk. Thus we can conclude that it is a low-calorie beverage that is effective in your health management plan. Choose unsweetened milk to further reduce calorie intake.

3. Suitable For Lactose Intolerant People

Lactose is a sugar present in dairy milk and its products. Being unable to digest lactose causes excessive gas, diarrhoea and too much discomfort. Thus people intolerant to lactose can consume almond milk as a lactose-free substitute.

4. Maintains Healthy Heart

Almond milk is low in cholesterol content and high in healthy fats (omega fatty acids) which help maintain a healthy heart. It’s low in sodium and high in potassium which acts as a vasodilator thereby reducing the blood pressure.

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5. Strengthens Bones

Almond milk provides 30% of the daily calcium required by the body per serving. This functions together with fortified-vitamin D in the milk to strengthen our teeth and bones. This reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

6. Boosts Immunity

Almond milk nutrition helps maintain a healthy immune system which is useful to fight against many germs and microbes. Regular intake of almond milk keeps the primary defence of the body strong and healthy.

7. Gives Glowing Flawless Skin

The vitamin E content in the almond milk acts as a very good antioxidant that assists in repairing skin damage protects from sun, and regulates vitamin A in the body. Almond milk is an excellent skin cleanser.

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8. Hardly Impacts Your Blood Sugar

Unsweetened almond milk has no sugar and is low in carbs, thus it doesn’t increase your blood sugar levels. Diabetic patients get covered here as the carbs present are utilized as energy with no sugar and fat accumulation.

9. Heals And Strengthens Muscle

Almond milk contains 1 gm of protein per serving that’s required to regulate muscle strength and growth. It also contains riboflavin and iron which are important healing factors.

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10. Improves Kidney Health

Almond milk contains limited amounts of potassium and phosphorous required for the body as compared to dairy milk. Thus, it is a great substitute for people with acute or chronic kidney disorders.

11. Aids Digestion

Along with other macro nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals almond milk is rich in fiber too. This helps in better digestion.

12. Improves Vision

Being rich in Vitamin A, it is a great vegan food for proper functioning of the eyes. Today’s generation is exposed too much screen time where drinking almond milk can come to rescue.

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13. Substitute For Breast Milk

Almond milk is rich in vitamins and minerals required for growth and well-being of infants. Being richer in proteins it is a perfect substitute food for babies too.

14. Tastes Better Than Cow’s Milk

Many people get turned off by the taste and smell of cow’s milk. But this isn’t the case with almond milk; it’s delicious, light and has a crisp flavor.

15. No Refrigeration Required

This healthy vegan substitute for milk stays perfectly fine at room temperature making it convenient to carry anywhere you go. This automatically increases your daily intake of the fabulous nutrients mentioned above.

16. Easy To Make

Ever wondered how is almond milk made?  It’s definitely easier than grazing a cow in your backyard. Just take a cup of almonds and grind them with water in a home blender or mixer. Filter the pulp with the help of a strainer and your almond milk is ready to serve. Do give it a try!

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Almond Milk Brands And Almond Milk Price

Below are few brands that you can consider to buy:

  • Mylk without the moo – 215 for 300 ml
  • Allnut – 800 for 300ml (4 bottles)
  • Silk – 375 for 946 ml
  • Orgain: Organic almond milk – 355.67 for 1 litre
  • Nutrition nut milk – 190 for 250 ml
  • Almond Fresh – Rs. 70 for 200 ml
  • Blue Diamond Almond Breeze – Rs. 221 for 1 litre

Is Almond Milk Bad for You?

As seen above almond milk has many health benefits, but in case you are allergic to tree nuts you must avoid the intake of this amazing vegan substitute for dairy milk. Allergic symptoms may include difficulty in breathing, itchy red spots on skin and even unconsciousness.

Almond Milk Vs Cow Milk

Almond milk is low in fats and calories as compared to dairy milk. Thus it is a good substitute for those on a healthy-heart diet. However, the content of protein in almond milk is just 1g per serving as compared to 8g per serving in cow’s milk. Which one is healthier then? The answer depends on many factors like person’s dietary requirements, lactose intolerance, nut allergy, and ethical values. For those following veganism, it’s a very healthy substitute for dairy milk.

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Have you ever tried almond milk?

Please comment what you think about adding it to your vegan diet plan.

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