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Can Cats Drink Almond Milk? A must-Read for Cat Lovers

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Studies have shown since 2018 more and more people are shifting towards a vegan lifestyle. Yes, many people are becoming aware of the cruelty faced by animals. But let’s not forget our pets and strays.

When you are vegan your subconscious mind will avoid you from buying animal products naturally even it may be for your pets, and we totally agree upon that; nothing to be worried about.

In our previous article, we have covered about if dogs can go vegan? In this article, we will see if almond milk is safe for your cats? Can cats drink almond milk?

Let us not stick to the answer NO! In this article, we will go in details about almond milk, its nutrition based on cats daily needs and then we will find out if your feline friend can drink almond milk.

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Nutritional Content of Almond Milk

What is the nutritional content of almond milk & can it satisfy cats daily nutrition needs?

In the era of the vegan lifestyle, almond milk is one that’s earned popularity over the past few years. And why wouldn’t it? to start with few, It’s super low in calories, it doesn’t increase blood sugar level, it’s dairy-free, and it’s high in Vitamin D.

Almonds themselves are a good source of things like protein, fat, fiber, vitamin E, and magnesium. Almond milk contains far fewer of these healthy nutrients.

It’s substantially the safest switch to cow milk for us normal people. But what about cats? A humans nutritional need is different from a cat. Not just in cartoons but in reality too a cats favourite food is milk!

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Will your Cat Drink Almond Milk?

Humans can be fooled easily! Remember the time when your non-vegan friends ate all vegan food in party thinking it was meat. But when it comes to animals it is very difficult to fool them in terms of food. Hence, let’s find out if your cat will accept almond milk or not?

Starting with the colour of almond milk, which is the same as normal milk, but the main weapon of a feline is its power of smell! It’s true that almond milk does not smell any near to cows milk. Also, the nutty flavour may cringe your cat too! But it depends, as some cats find almond milk delicious.

But if your cat starts to hate almond milk, here’s a solution; if you feed your almond milk right from the beginning then she/he might have no problem with adjusting to almond milk. Or you may mix cow and almond milk together to start with and hence gradually shift it to almond milk. Definitely not easy as it looks but it is worth the wait.

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Can cats drink almond milk?

Since almond milk is dairy-free and does not carry a trace of lactose, is it a great option to our milk-yearning feline buddies?

Vets advise not to give almond milk to cats. Experts suggest to not feed them nuts because it only increases their sensitivity. While they aren’t expressly life-threatening, almonds could cause abdominal-pains, can upset-stomach, diarrhoea, and even vomiting.

After many examinations, animal nutritionists have claimed that almond milk is not suitable for cats. Also, they have been very adamant about not feeding furry friends nuts to prevent an upset stomach. Just to clarify almonds are not innately poisonous.

The second most important thing is calories. An adult cat needs about 200 calories in a day. Whereas just a cup of almond milk has whooping 100 calories which means your cat can be obese within a few months!

Many cats crave for the taste of milk. It’s delightful, buttery, and sweet. But as their responsible guardians, we understand that we shouldn’t be offering them any products with dairy. Almond milk, on the other hand, would have been the ideal replacement If it weren’t for almond components.

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Now that we know COW MILK is not healthy for cats then why do they crave for it to begin with?

It’s natural for grown adult kitties to still look for milk. alike newborn human infants, kittens, too, once started out with cat milk produced by their mother. Hence, just like us, cats associate specific scents and flavors with familiar encounters.

Having said that, milk is very much like a wicked pleasure to a kitten. Although it’s been confirmed that felines should not be drinking cow milk and almond milk, you can quench their crave for milk with a treat that contains milk or milk solids as an ingredient.

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Can you give almond milk to a dog?

Comparing to an adult dogs nutritional need with a cat, you must know they differ a lot. Cats daily nutritional need is much more complicated than dogs. A dog can digest almond milk easily (prone to only if he is not allergic to almonds).

Hence you can offer almond milk to dogs but the only concern is obesity. Just one cup of soy or almond milk contains about 100 calories! And many dog breeds are prone to obesity, diabetes, and cardiac arrest. Hence it’s better to avoid giving your dog almond and still if you want to give him you can offer him once in a while but not more than a cup!

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What is the best vegan milk option for a cat?

With an upsetting stomach, we can now eliminate the almond milk or any other milk obtained from nuts. But what you can do is you can buy cat milk available in the pet store in a limited amount.

We must accept the fact that cats are naturally carnivores and we must not interfere in their natural way of living. You must offer your cat plenty of hydration and outdoor access.

There are plenty of cat milk and dairy-free bites available in the pet store for your cat. You just need to select one which is suitable for your cat. Or you can make some in your very kitchen!

Concluding the article we suggest you to avoid giving your act almond milk or cow milk for that matter in diet. Almond milk may cause upset stomach or diarrhoea to cat. Although, almond milk also does not carry ingredients that are identified to be toxic to cats.

But it is better to take advice from your vet and an animal nutritionist before offering almond milk to cat. Still, if you prefer you can give almond milk in a minimum amount or once in a while. We suggest you take professional advice when it comes to the diet of a cat.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can u give cats almond milk?

Yes but in moderation. Sometimes cats can become more sensitive or get gastronomical disorders or even upset stomach. So it is better to seek professional advice before giving almond milk to cats.

Can almond milk kill cats?

No, almond milk is highly nutritious and it won’t kill cats. But a cat may suffer from stomach disorders or may get obese due to regular consumption of almond milk.

What kind of milk can cats drink?

Studies have found out many cats are lactose intolerant i.e. they cannot digest lactose from milk. Milk is like a guilty pleasure to cats. Thus it is advised to give either cat milk or any suitable milk in moderation to cats.

Can cats drink soy or almond milk?

Yes, cats can drink soy or almond milk but in minimum amounts. Also, you need to observe cat after consumption, if she becomes ill you need to immediately stop feeding her soy or almond milk.

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