Top 6 Dairy-Free Ice Cream Brands For Ice Cream Loving Vegans

Have you ever heard of dairy-free ice cream brands???

Planning to go vegan is a big challenge for most of us. The saddest part is you need to give up on many of your favorite foods while going on a plant-based diet. Speak of ice creams or cakes, cheese or butter, and, meat or fish – none of these mouth-watering delights will turn up on your plates.

dairy free ice cream brands

However, veganism has many healthy alternatives to the above-said yummies. You may use these substitutes to prepare the best vegan dishes. They play a fair part in giving your taste buds a relishing flavor.

Ice cream is one such food that one cannot quit. So what if you are going vegan! How can you not eat ice cream? If you’re a die-hard ice cream fan, then you might feel turning vegan is very delicate.

But, if you ask vegans, they will show you the real picture. Yes, you get to eat ice cream – The Vegan Ice Cream. Dairy-free ice cream brands make amazing flavors of lip-smacking ice creams that will relish you.

Here are few vegan dairy-free ice cream brands that you can consider buying –

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Yummylicious Dairy-Free Ice Cream Brands

1. So Delicious Ice Cream

So Delicious is a popular non-dairy ice cream brand that offers a variety of choices to satiate your sweet tooth. The flavors thrill you in those hot summer days. The creamy texture and nutty flavors are a must taste for everyone – vegan or not. So Delicious also has a range of sugar-free varieties. It’s one of the best non-dairy ice cream brands.

Listed below are all the So Delicious vegan ice cream choices:

  • very vanilla (cashew milk)
  • cappuccino (cashew milk)
  • snickerdoodle (cashew milk)
  • creamy cashew (cashew milk)
  • chocolate cookies n cream (cashew milk)
  • dark chocolate truffle (cashew milk)
  • salted caramel cluster (cashew milk)
  • creamy chocolate (cashew milk)
  • chocolate peanut butter swirl (coconut milk)
  • chocolate (coconut milk)
  • mint chip (coconut milk)
  • mocha almond fudge (coconut milk)
  • vanilla bean (coconut milk)
  • coconut (coconut milk)
  • sugar-free butter pecan (coconut milk)
  • sugar-free added chocolate (coconut milk)
  • gluten free cookie’s n cream (coconut milk)
  • sugar-free mint chip (coconut milk)
  • sugar-free vanilla bean (coconut milk)
  • gluten free cookie dough (coconut milk)
  • simply strawberry (coconut milk)
  • oregon mixed berry (coconut milk)
  • mocha almond fudge (almond milk)
  • vanilla (almond milk)
  • chocolate (almond milk)
  • mint chip (almond milk)
  • gluten free cookie’s n cream (almond milk)
  • creamy vanilla (soy milk)
  • chocolate velvet (soy milk)
  • peanut butter zig zag (soy milk)
  • gluten-free cookie dough (soy milk)

2. Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss Ice Cream

Luna and Larry come from a commune to satisfy the customers with their amazing, tasteful and redonkulous vegan coconut-based ice creams. It is one of the best dairy-free ice cream brands that achieve the goal of creating delectable ice creams without actually impacting the ecology and health quotient.

Their ice creams mainly consist of agave syrup (plant-based sweetening agent) extracted from the Mexican Tree of Life and Abundance (as its popularly known). You can enjoy delicious coconut flavor with real bits of chocolate, fruits, and hazelnuts in every bite. Adding to the advantages these vegan varieties are gluten-free, soy-free and organic!

Here are all the Coconut Bliss vegan ice cream choices:

  • chocolate chip cookie
  • salted caramel and chocolate
  • cinema chocolate fusion
  • vanilla island
  • chocolate peanut butter
  • chocolate walnut brownie
  • dark chocolate
  • naked coconut
  • chocolate hazelnut fudge
  • cappuccino
  • cherry amaretto
  • summer berry swirl
  • mint Galactica
  • mocha mama crunch
  • ginger cookie caramel
dairy free ice cream brands - Coconut Bliss
Image courtesy: Good Eggs

3. Almond Dream

Almond Dream is another non-dairy ice cream brand that will leave you relished. It specializes in various non-dairy ice cream treats and flavored non-dairy milk. However, Almond Dream also manufacturers dairy products (ice creams and other desserts). We recommend you to check on the labels and nutritional facts before you purchase a product from this brand.

However, the ice cream pints and bars are vegan. You will be amazed to find a variety of flavors to savor your taste buds.

Below are various Almond Dream vegan ice creams to choose from:

  • chocolate
  • vanilla
  • strawberry
  • praline crunch
  • cappuccino swirl
  • mint chocolate chip
  • toffee almond fudge
  • chocolate dessert bites
  • vanilla dessert bites
  • peppermint dessert bites

4. Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s is a popular ice cream brand that has been serving foodies since many years. It offers both vegan and non-vegan varieties of ice creams. The vegan ice creams are usually made from almond milk bases. All these non-dairy products are certified as a vegan (not including any animal products like dairy, eggs and even honey).

Here are all the Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream pint choices:

  • coconut seven layer bar
  • caramel almond brittle
  • cherry garcia
  • pb & cookies
  • chocolate fudge brownie
  • chunky monkey
  • coffee caramel fundge

vegan ice cream

5. Breyers

Breyers is the next dairy-free ice cream brand on our list. They have introduced two amazing flavors of almond milk ice creams – Oreo cookies and cream and Vanilla peanut butter. Breyers also offers a variety of options in this range. You will find gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy free, and lactose-free varieties of ice creams here.

Here are Breyers dairy-free ice cream choices:

  • vanilla peanut butter
  • oreo cookies & cream

6. NadaMoo

NadaMoo is a family-owned ice cream company that centers on making vegan ice creams with a coconut milk base. All the flavors are organic and vegan. It’s fun and frolic dairy-free ice cream flavors will win your hearts.

Here are the delicious NadaMoo vegan ice cream choices:

  • chocolate peanut butter
  • birthday cake cookie dough
  • pistachio nut
  • lotta mint chip
  • vanilla ahhh
  • gotta do chocolate
  • rockiest road
  • that snickerdoodle dough
  • himalayan salted caramel
  • chorale cherry fudge brownie
  • cookies and cream
  • creamy coconut
  • java crunch
  • mmm maple pecan
  • chocolate almond chip

NadaMoo ice cream

Hmmmmm!! How delicious these flavors sound, isn’t it? Besides these are plant-based versions that benefit the ecosystem. They keep you satiated and savor your needs.

Then why should you crave for dairy products anymore? Try these yummy delights from the top dairy-free ice cream brands and there is no looking back.


Do let us know your favorite vegan ice cream in the comments box below.

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