How Long Does Almond Milk Last? A Nut Milk Guide

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Hey, go to vegans? Cranky about not being able to have a cup of coffee or tea every morning? You must be looking out for non-dairy products that you can substitute instead of milk. This is a delicious and nutritious alternative to regular dairy milk – Almond Milk.

Have you ever wondered, ‘Is almond milk good for you?’

Where you can find this healthy nut milk?

Does Almond Milk Go Bad?

You might be planning to make almond milk at home. Or you may have purchased tetra packs on sale and wondering how long you can store them?

Once almond milk sits in your fridge waiting to be used all you worry about is how long does almond milk last and how can you store it? Delve with us and learn about the spoilage signs and storage tips for a nutritious non-dairy drink.

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How Long Does Almond Milk Last?

Like the dairy milk, almond milk lasts for a limited period in the fridge. The question that arises is, ‘how long does almond milk last?’

Look at the labels for the best-by date on the pack. This is the timeframe during which your milk will retain its nutrition and freshness. Once the tetra pack is opened it can sit well in the fridge for 7-10 days.

When it comes to homemade plant-based milk, you should use it within 3 to 4 days. the pasteurized store-bought varieties last a bit longer than the freshly made one.

Here are the approximate dates various types of nut milk can be fit to consume.

  Pantry Fridge
Almond milk (shelf-stable, unopened) Best-by date + 2 – 4 weeks  
Almond milk (shelf-stable, opened)  – 7 – 10 days
Almond milk (refrigerated, unopened)  – Use-by date + 5 – 7 days
Almond milk (refrigerated, opened)  – 7 – 10 days
Homemade almond milk  – 3 – 4 days
Nut milk

Signs Of Almond Milk Spoilage

One whiff of sour cow milk can tell you its gone bad. Curdled milk can be easily distinguished by its appearance. However, it’s hard to tell if non-dairy milk goes bad. You can still consume nut milk after the use-by date. However, here are the signs you should be wary of to know if its time to spill it down the drain:

  • Smells off
  • Tastes sour
  • Starts to clump
  • Becomes thicker
  • Color changes
  • Unusually bloated carton

Best Way To Store Almond Milk

You need to store nut milk correctly if you want to extend its shelf-life. There are two types of commercial non-dairy almond milk available in the market – refrigerated and unrefrigerated. Let’s look at how to store both types of nut milk.

  • Unrefrigerated, unopened almond milk should be stored in a cool and dry place in your kitchen. Keep it away from all the heat sources. A pantry is the best place to store this milk, but a cabinet in the kitchen will also work. Once opened place the container in the fridge.
  • Refrigerated almond milk should be kept in the fridge all the time. The same applies to freshly made nut milk also. We recommend you to store nut milk away from the door as this is the warmest part of the fridge and prone to temperature fluctuations.

At times you may find your milk has separated, but that doesn’t mean its gone bad. Give it a shake and sip it. If it’s chunky after a shake you must toss it out.



Before you open packaged almond milk, you should store it at a similar temperature to where it sat on the supermarket shelf. The shelf-stable packs can stay at room temperature and the other sits in your refrigerator.

Once you open the carton, you should keep it in the fridge only.

Homemade non-dairy milk should always be refrigerated.

Risks Of Drinking Expired Almond Milk

Drinking any kind of spoiled milk can take a toll on your gut. Food poisoning can take a serious turn; it results in stomach cramps, diarrhoea and vomiting. Depending on the food and your body health the effects of food poisoning can occur several hours to days later of consuming spoiled food, especially milk.

Most often, the risks of drinking spoiled milk are mild and the symptoms will pass within a couple of days. However, if you observe severe vomiting or unceasing signs of diarrhoea and dehydration consult your doctor immediately. Your doctor will test you for potentially harmful elements and germs causing the trouble and he will prescribe the treatment accordingly.

Almond milk has a host of health benefits and is 100% vegan. Drink this drink to stay fit. However, keep a tab on its storage conditions based on our vegan nut milk guide ‘How long does almond milk last?’

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to use almond milk after 7 days?

If you have a shelf-stable pack of almond milk, which can be stored fine at toom remember until open, you can use it up to 7-10 days once it’s open. However, the opened carton needs to be kept in the fridge. This serves as a guideline, however, the nut milk can remain fine even after 10 days.

How can you tell if almond milk has gone bad?

Though it’s harder to tell about the spoilage of nut or non-dairy milk, however, you pretty much come to know once it goes bad. It tastes a little sour, smells a little off and starts to clump up.

How long can almond milk sit out?

Storage of dairy-free milk after the shelf-life can be done by refrigerating it. Once opened keep the remaining milk in the fridge lime regular dairy milk. This will extend the life of milk after the shelf-life. Room temperature is believed to shorten the shelf-life is kept unrefrigerated for too long.

Does almond milk go bad in the fridge?

Packaged nut milk is pasteurized and sealed to allow storage at room temperature if unopened. Once opened store it in the fridge and use within 7-10 days to avoid spoilage.

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