Supergreen Mushroom & Orzo Soup

Supergreen Mushroom & Orzo Soup

Who doesn’t like orzo? This little fella is a good source of healthy carbohydrates and dietary fiber. No wonder this dish is a super-healthy when combined with greens. You will never feel DOWN if you scroll DOWN and start preparing this recipe right away!

How To Gain Weight On A Vegan Diet? ǁ Vegan Guide to Build Your Physique

How to gain weight on a vegan diet 1

One-click on any of the search engines and you’ll get thousands of pages worth of data to help you lose weight. Natural remedies to cosmetic treatments and everything in between help you shed some pounds gradually. But, what if your problem is exactly the opposite? You want to gain weight – mind you, some healthy …

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Spring Minestrone Soup Recipe

Spring Minestrone

This vibrant coloured soup is perfect to start any meal of the day! It is jam-packed with veggies and fibers and vitamins. Good news is you can slurp this soup hot on a freezing day and have it cold on a hot sunny day! Then, let’s get going and waste no time!

Are Bagels Vegan?

Are Bagels Vegan

Vegans avoid products that originate from animals, including meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, and any other animal obtained foods or additives. However, it’s not always transparent, which foods are vegan, especially baked items that may contain ingredients that are not instantly recognizable. Bagels are famous as doughnut-shaped bread that comes in a variety of flavorings, ranging …

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