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The Vegan Garden Review- 5 Day Juice Detox

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Detoxification is the processes practiced since ancient days – in Ayurveda and Chinese medicines – by every culture across the world. It is a procedure that involves resting, cleansing, and nurturing the body from inside out. Eliminating the toxins and feeding it with healthy nutrients help to get rid of many diseases and renew your ability to maintain good health.

Today we encounter more toxins in the environment than ever before. Thus it is crucial to adopt a detoxification program at least once a year.

VeganGarden 5 day juice cleanse
Image courtesy: The Vegan Garden

The Vegan Garden Reviews

We bring you our honest opinion about The Vegan Garden 5 Day Juice Cleanse in this post.

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Brand Name: The Vegan Garden

Product: 5 Day Juice Cleanse

Ingredients: 100% natural fruit smoothies

Packaging: Pear-shaped, dual colored, spout pouch packaging

Method Of Use: Consume the delicious smoothies 4 times every day for 5 days.


  • The Vegan Garden 5 Day Juice Cleanse is one of the best selling juice detox program you must of for.
  • It not only cleanses your system but also nourishes it with different nutrients present in the drinks.
  • The juice cleanse contains proteins that help to build lean muscles and reduce those pesky fat deposits round your waistline.
  • The special blend of smoothie contains fruits, rice, pea and hemp.
  • These smoothies are a real delight to your taste buds. You can savor them as a detox program or treat yourself when hungry. It makes a very healthy snack or meal replacement option.
  • You can effectively detox your organs with this treatment. This treatment can also give you weight loss benefits. You can lose form 5-15 lbs after the treatment (depending on your BMI).
  • Jump start your body’s metabolism and stay fit with The Vegan Garden 5 Day Juice Cleanse smoothies.


  • The juice is 100% organic and natural
  • It has no added water or sugar
  • It is preservative and chemical free
  • The juices are a delicious way to lose weight
  • The delectable detox juices are available in 20 different varieties to cater to your needs.
  • Plus all these fruit/veggie smoothies are vegan


  • There are no cons of drinking these delicious drinks and eliminate toxins from your body.

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Will A 5-Day Juice Detox Help In Losing Weight?

When you ask different people about a juice detox cleanse you get different opinions. Some people are offended with the idea of a juice diet while some of them swear by such stuff. Some people approve of the way detoxification and going on a juice diet benefits your health while a few simple disagree. However, there are studies which prove that a detox juice cleanse can effectively aid in weight loss if followed by a balanced plant-based diet.

In a juice diet people replace their solid meals with a juices veggies and fruits. The basic idea behind eliminating solid food from diet is to lose weight quickly without compromising on the essential nutrients.

The 5-Day Juice Detox is very low in calorie (600–1,000 calories per day). The calorie deficit results in short-term weight loss. However, you could experience negative health effects like fiber and protein deficiency, reduced lean mass or fatigue.

These effects can be eliminated by a proper detox and diet plan once detox regimen is completed. Replace junk and processed foods with a healthy well-balanced diet to lose weight naturally.

Benefits Of A Juice Detox

There is no doubt about the benefits of a detox juice cleanse. Start consuming the juices for 3 days and you will feel the difference yourself. Boost of energy, great sleep, radiant and spotless skin, sugar cravings gone, and much more – are just a few health benefits to name.

Interested in a juice detox diet? Here are some of the benefits you must know:

1. Reset Your Digestive System

With the variety of processed or unhealthy food that we consume your digestive system needs rest. You often feel bloated or have an upset stomach. The trick to reduce gastric issues is going for a juice cleanse. It helps to reset the digestive system and recharges your inner self.

juice cleanse

2. Immediate Boost Of Nutrients

Juicing is a process of eliminating solid mass from foods. This makes the nutrients easily available for the body. Take a shot of fresh fruits and veggies to benefit your health. Digestion becomes a lot easier when the body doesn’t have to process the insoluble fiber in the foods. This aids in effective and quick absorption of all vitamins and minerals in the bloodstream.

3. Adds A Variety Of Foods To Your Diet

How many fruits and vegetables you eat every day? Do you meet the recommended seven serving fruit and vegetable diet? Of course not! The detox juices can help you sneak in various vegetables and fruits in your meal plan. Juicing makes your life much simpler. What more you can ask for when all these are readily available in the market? Go and pick your best delicacies and drink healthy.


4. Reduces Food Wastage

Food waste is often termed as a ‘farm-to-fork’ issue. Majority of the produce waste happens at home. Many times we bring in loads of food than we need. Result – FOOD WASTE! Going on a juice diet may help reducing produce waste to a great extent. Juicing is a savvy technique to keep you healthy and eliminate wastage. It doesn’t burn holes in your pocket too.

5. Hydration

Drinking adequate quantities of water or other non-caffeinated beverages is important to keep your body hydrated. Your body requires sufficient amounts of fluids to function effectively; pressed juices or smoothies helps it function well, flush out toxins and boost your energy. Hydration is also a key to get a glowing smooth skin. Detoxification helps body cells to rejuvenate and heal inside out.

fruit juice

Juice cleanses remain a topic of controversy amongst medical experts. However, these detox regimens combined with high protein, high fiber, and a low-calorie diet can give you excellent weight loss results in the long term.

The Vegan Garden introduces vegan smoothies which are a delicious, convenient and healthy way to transition to a plant-based juice cleanse. Loaded with fruits and vegetables this 5-day detox cleanse is an effective way to rejuvenate and detoxify your body.

Do try and let us know how you feel about it.

Do you lose weight on a juice cleanse?

This treatment can give you weight loss benefits. You can lose from 5-15 lbs after the treatment (depending on your BMI).

What is detox juice?

A juice which helps eliminating the toxins and feeding it with healthy nutrients help to get rid of many diseases and renew your ability to maintain good health.

What do vegans eat after a juice cleanse?

Start with simpler organic meals which are easy to digest

How often should you do a juice cleanse?

Consume the delicious smoothies 4 times every day for 5 days.

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